Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tugas Siswa SMKN 1 Bangkinang Guru : Eka Yulia, S.Pd

Unforgettable sweet memory in mifan water park4_bab_02

This story begin when semester vacation beginning, I and my sister make a plan that this vacation we must go to west sumatera, I think this holiday very enjoyed, that’s true.


of Friday I and my sister went to bukittinggi, then, the afternoon we arrived in bukittinggi and we went to my little village to visit my grandma to stay in there. Do you know the name of my village? My village have a fun name, the name is sungai landia.                               

The night on my village very cold and quiet, we are sleep together in my grandma bad room, I sleep soundly and I didn’t want to wake up from my sleep.

The morning has begun, I and my sister prepared to go to mifan water park in Padang panjang. from the beginning I am very want to know form of the mifan water park. The finally I went to there.

At the midday, we arrive in Padang panjang, the location of mifan, then we went to mifan water park, I am very happy. And, in my surroundings found the beautiful hill and the top of the hill is covered with clouds. Once again I say, I am very happy. In the mifan I see much people, it so noisy. Much people interest to this. I and my sister are captivated with beautiful earth.

The first time, we buy some ticket then we are ready to change our clothes with swim clothes because we must change our clothes if we want to swim in swim pool. There are have a big swim pool and many water toys to played. Then I want to try some water toys in there. It’s so amazing

The water toys that very interest to me is wave plays, there is so happy, I feel I stay in the middle of the sea, to drift about on water. After that, I try shocking play roller coaster, it’s very fun too.

The afternoon is beginning, we are finish to play, we are ready to go home, this vacation very interested and fun, I hope the next vacation I can go to this place.

Just this my unforgettable story in mifan water park padang panjang west Sumatra, I hope my friends liked with my story. Thanks very much.      


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